IVR Voice Recordings

There are so many things to consider when recording messages for IVR. A professional voiceover is important, but so too is the tone, the longevity of your IVR Voice Prompts, and the practicalities of recording them in the first place.

But don’t worry - we’re here to take the hassle out of the process, with professional IVR recordings that will guide you every step of the way!

We provide a thorough, cost-effective IVR voice recording service for call centres and large organisations looking to improve contact centre efficiency and customer experience.

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Professional IVR voice recordings

Our process can be broken down into two key services: IVR voice recording and IVR consultancy.

If you simply want to bring your IVR Voice Messages up to scratch with professional voiceovers, our standard service offers a fast, cost-effective solution. We follow a tried-and-tested methodology to record, produce and edit broadcast-quality prompts.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for advice on IVR scripts, call flows and journeys, we recommend choosing our IVR consultant service. This offers a comprehensive review of your existing messages, and suggests how you might enhance the caller experience.

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The very best voiceover artists

We’re proud to work with professional voiceover artists who have the experience and versatility to help you make the right impression. We have cherry-picked a diverse range of artists, ensuring you find the perfect sound for your audio brand.

Just how good could your IVR messages be? Listen to our most popular IVR voiceover artists or take a look at our case studies to gain a better understanding of our IVR voice recording service.

We know that your business and its needs are unique, which is why we’re happy to arrange a discovery call and send you a free quote and demo. To have a chat with our team, call 0800 852 7720 or email your script to hello@ivr-recordings.co.uk today.


Here's how we helped Simply Business

We have seen an improvement in customer experience and customer journey along with an increase in sales revenue now that the calls are routing to the right team.

The service, co-operation and speed to implement and make changes was really good. I very much liked the no fuss, simple approach that IVR Recordings has provided.
— Head of Customer Service - Simply Business

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