Congratulations on taking the first step to creating the perfect caller experience... 


6 steps to get you on your way to creating the perfect caller journey:


1.     Identify distinct caller types
You can segment callers in many ways, perhaps from their stage in the buying cycle (pre, during, post purchase). Common approaches are also by demographic or by segmenting by the most common enquiry types.



2.    Map out the most common caller journeys as they currently happen

Take a walk in your customers’ shoes. Only once you have experienced things from the callers’ point of view can you begin to understand how you’re currently performing. The aim is to track incoming calls and how they are directed to the relevant department and the ease of the process. Creating customer profiles can also be helpful. Speak to your agents. What are the common causes of their ‘pain’ and how to fix them?


3.    Evaluate what the perfect caller journey would look like

Spend time considering the different aspects of a caller’s query and how best to resolve it.

Apply creativity or process mapping approaches and give all ideas a hearing. It’s known as ‘blue sky thinking’ but if you don’t aim for excellence then you’re unlikely to deliver it! Taking the time to get this thinking right will make implementation much easier as you know the end point you’re aiming for and how to get there.


4.    Implement changes, educate your agents

Implement your improved call flows and IVR Messages. Make sure your agents are aware of and engaged with the changes and understand the positive impact they should have on the customer experience.


5.    Initial review

Listen to customer feedback (you do have post call surveys don’t you?). It’s also important to gain agents’ opinions, they’re the ones who talk with your customers so if, during testing they find something isn’t working (or would work better) take note! And, of course, review call metrics and KPIs as these will give some of the most objective measures of success.


6.    Iterate and improve, then test again

It’s not a case of ‘set and forget’ the quest for the perfect caller experience is a continuos process of incremental improvements. There is always something that could be upgraded or tweaked. IVR messages and call flows should be reviewed regularly and methodically along with customer feedback and agent opinions. If you can get into this cyclical and virtuous habit then you have a very good chance of seeing this reflected in customer satisfaction not to mention improved employee happiness and retention.


Longer term you may need to invest in on-going agent training and moving to a CRM system that offers a multi-channel view of the customer where agents can precisely anticipate what the customer wants and can deliver it easily to the customer’s delight. When you see it in those terms you’ll know your efforts on improving your customer’s experience were very worthwhile.


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